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For the Love of Spirit

Well Liz winters let me start by saying I highly enjoyed reading your book. To not only share your medium gift with us but also a part of your life just shows what a giving nature you have. I absolutely loved how you showed your vulnerable side, with your doubts and second guessing. Your honesty and lack of ego shone through the pages. Your book shows that even a medium is human dealing with life's traumas and just because you have abilities does not shelter you from all that we are here to experience. I imagine to meet you , one would sense the confidence and peacefulness that surrounds you. I think that we can get confused in thinking because you seem to know so much spiritually that you have all the answers. Your book clearly shows your beautiful soul, your inquisitive mind and your desire to show others the way. It was a privilege to read.

Greg Belleville

‘Books on spirit communication and the presence of 'other worlds' are hard to deliver to a wide audience because it's an area that is outside of most people's own experience….and comfort zone. But as you read Liz Winter's warm and candid book, you cannot help but like her and more importantly, you get a sense right from the beginning, that she is someone you can trust. She writes so fluidly and without any pretence about her life experiences, you feel you are right there with her as her fascinating account unfolds. Her grounded common sense, her innate kindness and the clarity of her abilities are all very evident, as is the advice she is able to offer from her unique perspective as a bridge between worlds. Her explanation of the these worlds and the reassurance it brings is a welcome message indeed.’

Jeddah Mali, International Mentor & Advisor - Global Paradigm Ltd

Each word I read and page I turned I felt a deeper connection to this courageous woman as she so beautifully held my virtual hand and guided me through her early years and forward sharing her memories and realizations that brought her to become the amazing woman she is today. Liz Winter will touch your heart and soul with her passion for her true calling and assist you with connecting to Spirit. Most definitely there was divine plan followed here and many will be touched by her grace, compassion, connection with Spirit and abundant joy.

Kelly A. Chamchuk - Author, Soul Coach @

From her childhood adventures to her dedicated life as a psychic medium, Liz Winter takes you on a journey through her life of exploration, learning and communication with Spirit. Interwoven with her compassion and service to others, Liz’s life story sparkles with love and humour. Written with Liz’s natural warmth and grace – it is an absolute joy to read.

Robyn Sutcliffe,

As I read Liz Winter's book "For the Love of Spirit" I felt my own faith and understanding expand and I could barely put it down. Liz writes with such graceful honesty that her story is sure to touch the lives of many. I laughed aloud many times and also shed a tear or two. The resounding gifts of Spirit, friendship, faith and love come through her words and her strength as a writer is obvious. I felt connected on a deeper level to this wonderful woman and her path as a healer, a medium, a teacher and a very beautiful human being. She has much to share and this book is a credit to her love of life and as the title of the book says, her Love of Spirit.

Kellie Jagoe

'I had the honour of reading 'For the Love of Spirit' before it hit the press, and I highly recommend it. Liz's journey has been remarkable, and she tells it openly and honestly in her book. A beautiful read, thanks Lizzy.'
Deborah Hughes

‘From the first word to the last I was completely engrossed and fascinated with Liz Winter’s story, For Love of Spirit. I hung on every word, from her early childhood, to her connection to spirits, guides and angels and her strong belief to go after and embrace the life she knew she was meant to live. It wasn’t an easy road with its many ups and downs, but Liz stuck to her beliefs and this wonderful book is a testament to her dedication and commitment. She shows humility and compassion, love and a deep understanding of the spiritual and natural world. Her journey through her life up till now is evidence of how the quieting of your busy mind, listening to your inner voice and thereon, the voices of your guides and angels, can change your life. Liz Winter is one of the most honest, loving, caring people I have had the pleasure of meeting and I wish her all the joy, love and adventures life can bring.’
Beverly Black

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