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Reiki and Angel Healings

The word Reiki can be broken down to mean; rei; Universal and Ki; energy. Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of hands on healing where peaceful, calm and beautiful energy radiates through the hands, healing, balancing and soothing the recipient, Liz has been attuned by a Reiki Master to channel this amazing energy.

Reiki is a magical experience as something powerful happens in a Reiki session. Energy is shifted around, blocks are cleared, pain reduced, past life recall is not uncommon. Reiki can help and assist any illness whether physical, emotional or mental and does not interfere with any other medical or alternative medicine.

Liz also calls on the Archangels and healing angels for assistance when healing, There is a focus on clearing chakras, cutting cords to past ties, clearing energy debris with Archangel Michael, removing negative energy accumulated from others, clearing blocks and physical, emotional and mental healing with Archangel Raphael. Liz’s Reiki sessions are unique as she is often given messages from Spirit during the healing which she will pass on to you.

However, each case will be unique for each individual and the appropriate healing will be applied.

Reiki has become more accepted within the medical realms over the years and research has shown that it can be a wonderful complimentary healing to ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

For a Reiki and/or Angel Healing, Liz charges $70 for an hour

  • relieve pain and stress
  • reduce or eliminate side effects to chemo and other pharmaceuticals
  • reduce inflammation
  • promotes feelings of peace, relaxation and a deep Spiritual connection
  • strengthen the immune system
  • can increase energy (shown in some to increase red blood cells)
  • can help with insomnia
  • it speeds up the healing process
  • can lead to clearer thinking
  • helps with intuition and inner knowing
  • can help with acceptance and letting go
  • can help strengthen confidence
  • can give a feeling of being connected to ALL beings and the World around us
  • can strengthen feelings of compassion, forgiveness and love
  • can aid in detoxing
  • Used regularly, some have even had miraculous healings or recoveries from all types of diseases and injuries. (although this is not the norm)

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