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The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and it means "wheel," or vortex. It refers to the seven major energy centers of the body. Each centre indicates a different aspect of your life, wellbeing and your consciousness. When these energy centers are balanced, you feel vital and healthy. When they are blocked, you feel stressed and off-balance. Through healing and meditation your chakras can clear and bring your life into harmony.

Basic Meanings of the Seven Major Chakras

  • Base Chakra
    Located at the base of the spine
    Colour; Red
    Represents our survival instinct, life force energy, material security and financial life.
    Musical note; C
  • Sacral Chakra
    Located a few inches below the navel
    Colour; Orange
    Represents our creativity, sexuality, appetites, desires and capacity to feel joy, intimacy.
    Musical note; D
  • Solar Plexus
    Located a few inches above the navel
    Colour; Yello.
    Represents our self confidence, willpower and issues of control and power. thought processes.
    Musical note; E
  • ***NOTE: The three lower chakras are where we store a lot of our emotional, unresolved issues.
  • Heart Chakra
    Located in the centre of the chest
    Colour; Green and Pink
    Represents our needs and capacity to give and receive love.
    Musical note; F
  • Throat Chakra
    Located at the base of the throat
    Colour; Turquoise
    Represents our capacity to speak our truth and self expression.
    Musical note; G
  • Third Eye Chakra
    Located between the eyes in the centre of the forehead
    Colour; Indigo/purple
    Represents our intuition, insight and psychic ability.
    Musical note; A
  • Crown Chakra
    Located at the crown of the head
    Colour; Violet/White
    Represents our connection to source, faith and belief in a higher power, our connection to prayer and higher energies.
    Musical note; B

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