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Spirit Guides

We all have Spirit Guides from birth to death. We are never alone and help and comfort is always at hand, we only have to ask for help and it will be given, even if it is not the way you would like the help to come. There are usually one or two main guides that are always there and then you have visiting guides at different times to help with specific life journeys. For example if you were learning a new skill or going through a particularly rough patch, specific guides will be assigned to help you through that time. Spirit Guides, in my understanding are different to angels. Spirit Guides have lived on earth before whereas generally, angels have not. I believe we have known our guides somewhere before and a bond of love has been formed. They often present themselves as Monks, Native American Indians, nuns, gypsies, Egyptians, tribal elders etc. I feel this is because many of them originate from ancient cultures and haven’t been on earth for a long time.. I have always loved Native American Indians and I have several of them who work with me.

Their task is to impress wisdom on us when needed although our free will can often over ride their gentle advice. They cannot interfere as we are here to learn independently but they quietly observe and look out for us.. We also have several healing guides on call for when we are in need of healing ourselves or are helping or healing others. So how can we get to know our guides?

Simply by creating a relationship with them. Talk to them, ask them for help and ask them for signs that they are around. Be open to the signs they bring, don’t demand what the sign should be. For example don’t say ‘if you are really there send me a feather’ let them decide how they will let you know they are there. You can ask for a name and eventually that may come also. The name may be exotic but it may not, it may be ‘Sam’ or ‘John’, just be open.

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