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Archangels are like CEO’s of different life areas and can be called upon for help at anytime. There are many Archangels and listed here are some more familiar ones.

  • Michael helps to clear negativity, doubt and fear and is a powerful protector and a great trouble-shooter in complex situations. He shines a royal purple light.
  • Gabriel is a messenger, helps writers and teaches and all areas of communication. Gabriel shines a copper coloured light.
  • Raphael is a wonderful healer of all, works with healers, medical people etc. Raphael’s colour is emerald green.
  • Uriel is a wise and philosophical angel who inspires new ideas and insight, his tasks are varied, some say he is the angel associated with death. Uriel’s colour is pale yellow.
  • Ariel can help with money and abundance, environmental causes, heals animals. Ariel radiates a pale pink light
  • Azreal helps people cross over to the other side, heals grief, consoles the bereaved. Azreal radiates a creamy, off white light.
  • Chamuel aids in world and personal peace, relieves anxiety and helps with lost items and misplaced people. Chamuel radiates a pale green light.
  • Haniel helps with women’s monthly cycles and enhances clairvoyance. Haniel radiates a bluish white light
  • Jeremiel is an emotional healer, helps us to assess our life path and aids forgiveness. Assists in plans to make positive changes. Jeremiel radiates a violet light.
  • Jophiel helps beautify our thoughts and environment. Is known as the patron on artists. Jophiel radiates a dark pink light.
  • Metatron heals children, childhood issues, assists the indigo and crystal children. Metatron radiates green and pink stripe type light.
  • Raguel helps with relationship harmony and issues. Heals misunderstandings. Raguel shines a a pale blue light.
  • Raziel heals spiritual and psychic blocks, helps dream interpretation, past life memories. Awakens dormant gifts and ancient knowledge. Raziel shines a rainbow light.
  • Sandalphon eases aggressive energy, helps musicians, delivers prayers and is a peace giver. Sandalphon radiates a turquoise light.
  • Zadkiel helps students, memory and mental functions. Zadkiel radiates a dark blue light.
  • Nathaniel is an abundance and manifestation angel, Nathaniel can jumpstart your direction when things are stuck, he is action! Nathaniel radiates a clear, beautiful red light.

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