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Healing angels, Archangels, guardian angels, romance angels and abundance angels are just some of the angels we can ask for help in our daily lives. Let’s examine some of these…

  • Archangels are like the CEO’s of a particular area, for example Archangel Raphael is in charge of all areas associated with healing. There are many archangels but about seven of them are more known and called on more often. In the coming weeks we will look at some of the Archangels more closely.
  • Guardian Angels are with us when we are born right through to our time to leave. We all have a few that are always by our side.
  • Abundance Angels are there specifically to help with our finances and attracting abundance on all levels.
  • Romance Angels help with our love lives and are often the cherub looking variety.
  • All Rounder Angels can help with a variety of problems and are always on standby. No matter is too trivial to ask them for help. We have to get away from the idea that our problems are not important enough to call on an angel, they so want to help us.

There are a multitude of angels to help and assist us with whatever challenges life presents us and there is nothing more they love to do than to serve and help us.

Cord Cutting with the Angels

Working with angels has made a real difference in my life. One of the first things I learnt about angels when I began to study them was how they can help us heal and clear old, outdated patterns.

What are old patterns?

Perhaps as a child you were asked to leave the school choir so you then believed you couldn’t sing. Then you grew up with a passion to sing but that thought stopped you. Maybe someone told you once you were too short, too tall, too fat, too old, too dumb etc. and part of you believed it. Other types of old energy include unresolved relationships. This includes relationships with parents, family members, ex’s, friends, bosses, teachers etc. Any relationship we have had that caused us some sort of discomfort hurt or are fear based or negative.

Look at it like old stuff in the garage that you just haven’t got around to clearing out. Now and then we have to do a bit of an emotional detox too else these feelings build up and fog our perspective and sometimes even create ill health.

The angels can help us release these old ways of thinking to free us up to discover our true potential. There are many ways the angels can help us heal and there are specific angels assigned for healing and clearing such as Archangel Michael and healing teams of angels. Archangel Michael is known for his beautiful, jeweled sword. We can ask Michael to use his sword to help cut the ties to the source of these patterns. We just have to get in a relaxed frame of mind and ask Archangel Michael and the angels to help. You may prefer to write a letter explaining how you feel burdened or held back by old ways of thinking. Once you have put out the sincere request the main work is done. You can speed it up by visualizing yourself with cords extending from your body, then see Michael with his sword gently cutting them away with love and kindness.

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