Liz Winter

bringing comfort from spirit

spirit readings, reiki healings, gateway dreaming, flower essences.



Liz uses a combination of her intuitive, medium, counselling, healing and clairvoyant skills to present the best possible session she can provide. Liz’s passion is to uplift and inspire people who seek her out by assisting one to connect with our own innate higher wisdom and also pass on the advice and guidance that comes through from the other side. We all have Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones who are supporting us and wanting the best outcomes for us in this life and they can gently guide us whilst reminding us that we have the power of choice to create a fulfilling and wonderful life.

Liz is available for consultations in person, via phone or Skype.

Liz is also available for Reiki Healing in person.

Liz charges a flat rate of AUD$120 for Readings or a Reiki Healing session rather than charging by time so the focus remains on the session rather than the clock. Generally, a session will go approximately an hour. A CD recording is available for an extra AUD$10.

However, if you would like a combination of Reiki and a Reading, available in person only, the price is AUD$160 and it will take around an hour and a half.