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For the Love of Spirit

For the Love of Spirit was created to inspire, uplift, and entertain.
This is a true story of an average girl, Liz, who became a psychic medium and went on to inspire many.

Liz Winter's new book - For the Love of Spirit front coverBased in Australia, the story tells of synchronistic events from the 1960s to the present time, from the author's first psychic experience at the age of four to learning and later teaching psychic development, giving private readings and public demonstrations.

For the Love of Spirit includes not only memoir but offers insights and wisdom to further one's knowledge about spirit communication, spiritual protection, angels, and spirit guides. Liz struggles with love, with parenting and basic survival, and yet all along has the support of Spirit and her personal spirit guide, White Owl.

An enchanting memoir, creatively woven with insight and wisdom.


Also available from Liz direct $20 plus postage, see her contact page

Balboa Press Bookstore:

Liz has created a facebook page for 'For the Love of Spirit' where excerpts and posts relating to her new book can be read.

'I had the honour of reading 'For the Love of Spirit' before it hit the press, and I highly recommend it. Liz's journey has been remarkable, and she tells it openly and honestly in her book. A beautiful read, thanks Lizzy.'
Deborah Hughes

‘From the first word to the last I was completely engrossed and fascinated with Liz Winter’s story, For Love of Spirit. I hung on every word, from her early childhood, to her connection to spirits, guides and angels and her strong belief to go after and embrace the life she knew she was meant to live. It wasn’t an easy road with its many ups and downs, but Liz stuck to her beliefs and this wonderful book is a testament to her dedication and commitment. She shows humility and compassion, love and a deep understanding of the spiritual and natural world. Her journey through her life up till now is evidence of how the quieting of your busy mind, listening to your inner voice and thereon, the voices of your guides and angels, can change your life. Liz Winter is one of the most honest, loving, caring people I have had the pleasure of meeting and I wish her all the joy, love and adventures life can bring.’
Beverly Black

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