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Distant Healing

Could it be possible that something as simple as a kind thought can improve someone’s health and well being? Some of you may have heard the term ‘absent healing’ or ‘distance healing’.

It is simply where either an individual or group of people project healing thoughts and prayers to those in need of a physical, emotional or mental healing. It is one of the easiest things to do which doesn’t cost anything except a good heart, a sincere intention and a moment of your time. Spiritualist churches and many spiritual based groups practice absent healing and of course church groups often pray for others.
Obviously it is nothing new but it is good to be reminded that we can help even when it seems there is nothing we can do. Research has been done on absent healing.
An American doctor, Larry Dossey conducted several double blind trials to test the effectiveness of absent healing in the early 1990’s. The result showed the groups that had been the object of prayer showed greater improvement in health than the control groups.

One famous spiritual healer who practiced absent healing with amazing results was an Englishman, Harry Edwards. Born in 1893, an average guy, who was originally a printer by trade...
At some point he found he had a special gift for healing and went on to establish the National Federation of Spiritual Healers of Great Britain (NFSH), which had been formed in 1953 to combine the healing pursuits of healing associations and individual healers.
He also established his own healing sanctuary in the UK.

Not only was Harry a successful spiritual healer but he also found if he sat and focused on someone at a distance through thought and prayer, incredible success rates of healing occurred. After he passed in 1976, the sanctuary. continued operating and does so to this day.

The sanctuary provides free spiritual healing for visitors and also offers free absent healing for anyone in the world. For distant healing, visit Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at, click on distant healing and fill out the form.
It can be for physical or emotional discomfort. You or your loved ones will then be sent healing everyday by many mediums. After six weeks you are automatically taken off the list unless you request healing again. They do like to receive any feedback you may have. (They are a non profit organization and donations are accepted.)

I have used this service many times for myself and loved ones and have found it to be very effective.
About ten years ago my husband fell from a ladder quite high and landed on his feet breaking his foot. I immediately put his name on Harry Edwards healing list. By the time he got into an appointment with the physiotherapists about 3 weeks later, they could even tell which foot had been broken! It was if the healing of his foot had been accelerated.
Other times I have observed that even if the physical problem hasn’t healed, your mood is lifted or the right help you’re needing seems to appear.
I believe Harry is still active in the spirit world continuing his work at his sanctuary. When someone is sick in my house I will often say. “looks like a job for Harry!” I also have my own healing list that I send out healing too, any one can do this, just focus on the recipient who needs healing and sincerely send kind thoughts and prayers.
You may like to create an absent healing list with all the names of those you wish to send healing to and put it on an altar or perhaps on the fridge to remind you.. Some people like to choose the same time everyday so that their loved ones can tune in at the same time to increase the intensity of the healing.

Here is an example of an absent healing prayer; 
“Dear Spirit, I call on my healing guides, healing angels and the great spirit to provide healing, comfort and compassion for myself, my family, my friends and particularly for …….(healing reciepients)     
Thank you Spirit.

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