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Medium Work

Over the years, working as a medium I have been witness to many amazing communications between clients and their loved ones in spirit. I would say that the client’s and my students for that matter, have been some of the most influential teachers to me in terms of my own learning and understanding of life..

There was one lady who came to me who had lost her husband. They were very close and his death had left her shattered, Within minutes of the reading her husband came through loud and clear giving his name and scolding her for not watering his roses. The reading continued in that vein and she left with a huge smile on her face.

Once a mother who had lost her five year old to cancer came to see me. The little boy came through and was telling me how his brother had just won a bike tournament and how excited he was for him. He gave many details I couldn’t have known and this gave the mother much comfort.

However, sometimes in a medium based reading not a lot happens or not as much evidential information comes through. There is even the odd occasion that nothing comes through at all. This is something I have questioned and observed over time. My conclusion is that there is no black and white explanation but a mixture of circumstances that may cause this to happen.

When communication from the other side occurs, several elements have to be in place. You have the medium, you have the client, you have a spirit guide aiding the communication and you have the person in spirit who wants to communicate. If there is a weak link at the time, the system can fail.

Sometimes the person who has passed over is not the greatest communicator which is often indicative by what sort of personality they had here on earth. It often hasn’t changed. The medium is only human and may be having an off day, the client’s anxiety, fear or cynicism can throw a spanner in the works. How experienced the medium is at interpreting the images and words she is receiving is also important. It really is a bit like playing psychic charades.

For example, once I was being shown a pearl necklace and the next thing I saw was a rose. This made no sense to me at all so I told the client exactly the information I received. The client then replied that her Aunt Rose gave her a pearl necklace before she passed over.

Communicating to the dead is a complex situation that people don’t understand and because of this sometimes clients come with many expectations.

For example, some clients are intent on a particular person in spirit coming through. This is totally understandable. However readings don’t always go to a plan. Sometimes I observe the client actually misses out on some helpful information because their focus was on what they wanted to happen rather then just see what information did come through.
Which people in Spirit come through in a medium style reading isn’t really up to the medium, it is a matter of who can get through on a good clear line. A bit like an overseas phone call.

My advice to you if you are going to receive a medium reading is to go with an open mind, no specific expectations and just see what happens. Try to go in a positive state if you can because communication is all about us raising our energy up and spirit coming down a little to meet us. The more positive energy, the more likely you are to get a good reading.

One thing I can tell you is that when the communication is authentic, it is magical and uplifting and you may never see life quite the same again.

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