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Becoming a Medium

I never imagined when I was young that I would end up being a medium, In fact, when people would ask me as a child ‘what are you going to be when you grow up?’ I would say an air hostess! Perhaps I had an inkling that I would be tuning in on the airwaves somehow.

A common question I am asked is ‘how do I become a medium?’ It is absolutely possible for anybody to become a medium. I firmly believe it is an innate gift within all of us that is dormant and simply needs training. However, it is an art and as with any art form it requires discipline, patience and perseverance. One has to become clear of their intention. Why do you want to be a medium, what is your motivation? It requires a sincere and open heart and a strong desire to serve.

The first step is to educate oneself through reading, observing other mediums, studying the history of medium ship and understanding the benefits and the pitfalls. If after that you still feel a strong desire to develop this gift you will need to find a reputable, experienced medium who teaches b . I feel the saying ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’ has some truth to it and I know my teacher literally appeared.

The best way to develop medium skills is by sitting regularly in a medium class or ‘circle’. This provides a safe haven for you to experiment, make mistakes, share your triumphs and have others to practice on. Learning one on one is slower. Sometimes when a student sits in a development circle it becomes apparent that they are actually gifted in one particular area, For example they may find they are more clairaudient (hearing spirit) or clairvoyant (seeing spirit) or perhaps they have a gift for spiritual healing.

What exactly happens in a medium development circle? Generally the circle begins with sending out prayers for distant healing . A list is read out of people’s names that are in need of healing and each member projects healing to those on the list. This sets the intention of service to others for the energy of the circle.

This is often followed by a protection exercise and a meditation to help still the mind. By this time the stage is set for some psychic exercises such as psycometry. This is where each member places an object on a tray such as jewellery or keys. The tray is then passed around and each member picks up a random object and attempts to ‘read’ the object by holding it and seeing what images, feelings or words they may experience. These insights are then shared and sometimes there is accuracy, sometimes not but the point is to exercise that dormant part of us. We may then attempt to get messages from the other side and if time permits, we practice spiritual healing .

Although it widely varies, it takes at least six to twelve months to become a competent medium although you never stop developing and learning.

The rewards of medium work are immeasurable. It is a journey of self discovery and amazing transformation for those you help.

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