Liz Winter

bringing comfort from spirit

spirit readings, reiki healings, gateway dreaming, flower essences.

About Liz

Liz Winter spirit medium and Professional CounselorBorn in 1961 in Melbourne, Australia, Liz had a passion for nature and spirituality in her early teens and began to seek out alternative spiritual views and practices. Liz attended her first psychic development class at the age of 16 and from there studied various esoteric sciences and travelled.

Liz spent time in an ashram environment in the late 1970’s studying meditation. By her early 20’s she was a qualified astrologer. Liz opened an esoteric bookshop in Melbourne in the 1980’s called the ‘Self Discovery Shop’ She also studied with a medium for four years learning the art of communicating with those who have passed.

Since then, Liz has had years of experience with one on one readings and teaching, In 2008 she completed her Diploma of Professional Counselling, specializing in grief and loss. Liz is also a Reiki Master. Liz has had several newspaper columns over the years bringing inspiration to her readers. Liz has studied with Doreen Virtue the ‘Angel Lady’ and also author and Spiritual Teacher, Denise Linn.

Liz is also the author of ‘For the Love of Spirit’ and hosts her radio show 'Soul Talk' on A1R psychic radio network.

Liz holds workshops on subjects such as Medium/Psychic development, Reiki, Angel Therapy and Dream work.

Liz is married with two sons and lives in beautiful Northern NSW, Australia.

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